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Australia is famed for its beautiful coastline, beaches and vibrant wildlife. If you’re looking for some company during your stay in the country then you better head to Erotic Guide and check out their Australia escort directory.

Naughty and classy
You will find the women, featured in the escort directory Australia section, on Erotic Guide to be intelligent and drop dead gorgeous. They know how to charm your socks off with great conversation or sometimes even just a look. They are comfortable in their skin and can handle most any demand or situation.

You can take them sightseeing across the country, go for long walks, explore nature and Australia’s many delights while also being able to take them for both formal and informal outings. You can be assured that they will handle whatever you throw at them with class and style.

The Australia escorts featured on Erotic Guide come in various shapes and sizes. They belong to various different ethnicities and are urban and well educated. They offer various kinds of services which are sure to excite and delight you in equal measure. Some of the services that they provide include the girlfriend experience, hourly and nightly companionship, private and public event escorting, in- call and out-call services amongst many others.

Fun and helpful profiles
Thanks to Erotic Guide and their due diligence, you can view the profiles of the escorts before deciding on your pick. These profiles feature an ‘about me’ section where the women give a few details about themselves including their likes and dislikes.

The profiles also feature accurate measurements and anatomical details which are sometimes hard to judge by the photographs. This helps in making an informed choice which is closer to your fantasy.

So if you’re in Australia by your lonesome and looking for a fun and memorable night with a person who is charming, intelligent and one of the hottest looking women you’ve met; you should visit Erotic Guide and browse the profiles. You will surely end up liking some of what you see if not all of it.

Discreet and professional
The Australia escorts that you find on Erotic Guide are highly experienced and well trained professionals who take their job seriously including the aspect of keeping everything discreet and respecting the privacy of their clients.

This is one of the basic tenets of the job and we can assure you that anything that you choose to share with the women shall always remain a cherished memory known to only the two of you (or three if you’re feeling too naughty).

The Australia escort directory on Erotic Guide will help you find the perfect woman of your dreams who will indulge your every want. Australia escorts are even game for certain things that may not be found easily elsewhere. Be it threesomes or swingers parties, they are game for it.

Be sure to be vocal about your needs and wants. The charming nature of the escorts will make you shed your shyness and inhibitions in a jiffy. Have fun and enjoy every moment of what is sure to be a cherished memory later on.

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